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okna aluminiowe w systemie PBI 40EPURPOSE

PBI 40 Economic (PBI 40E) system serves the purpose of construction of barriers and structures for interior and exterior casing that do not require thermal insulation, such as: doors, windows, non-load-bearing partition walls, cabinets, boxes. 
On the basis of PBI 40E system, smoke-proof doors and walls may also be constructed.
Construction products assembled from the presented set of materials PBI 40E are used in residential, public service and industrial buildings as internal barriers.
The PBI 40E system doors and walls may also be used as internal barriers, only in cases there are no requirements regarding the thermal insulation and water-tightness, and the static calculations provide for the impact of winter load


The PBI 40E system consists of aluminium profiles without the characteristic 40 mm (the casing depth) thermal insulation for the frame, as well as leaves.
The PBI 40E system may apply a wide range of 4-24 mm thick transparent and non-transparent infill.

The maximum structural dimensions possible to implement in this system are the following:

  • HxB=2400 mmx1200 mm in case of one-fold doors
  • HxB=2400 mmx2210 mm in case of two-fold doors

H - clear door height
B - clear door width


The structure aesthetic values are emphasized by the high quality of the profile surface finishing: powder varnishing and anodising.
The offered products are painted in any colours in accordance with RAL marking.
The PBI 40E uses the same fittings and accessories (connectors, gaskets, lock profiles for fill fixing, as in PBI 50N, PI 50N systems.

Characteristic features
The PBI 40E system allows for the creation of partition walls, cash walls, and doors and windows that do not require thermal insulation. It is used for the economical development of high aesthetic and utility standard interiors.

Any type of glass available in the market may be used as the fill. These may be single, insulated or bullet-proof panes made of transparent, absorptive, ornamental or reflexive glass. Apart from the abovementioned, there are also other fill types, such as aluminium panels, any furniture walls, plaster or polycarbonate panels. The maximum fill thickness is 24 mm.

The system enables structure creation in multiple configurations and layouts. The wall construction at any angle, including 90 and 135 degrees is also possible.

Parametry techniczne

Parameter Value
Operational force Class 2 PN-EN 12217
Resistance to vertical static load Class 1 PN-EN 947
Resistance to static turn Class 1 PN-EN 948
Resistance to a solid body hit Class 1 PN-EN 950
Resistance to a stroke soft and heavy body load Class 1 PN-EN 949
Resistance to multiple cyclical opening and closing Class 5 PN-EN 12400
Acoustic insulation Rw 22-32dB
Smoke-tightness Sa Sm PN-EN 13501-2
Profile resistance to corrosion C1-C4 PN-EN 12944-2


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