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FA 50N


The FA50N is a system of aluminium profiles designed for the construction of modern curtain walls of simple and complex shapes (turns, bends). It also allows for the construction of glazed roofs, skylights and spacious structures.
FA 50N
The load-bearing structure of a curtain wall consists of vertical (posts) and horizontal profiles (bolts) of a box section and the standard width of 50 mm. Using 16 to 189 mm deep posts and 22 to 135 mm deep bolts is possible. In the load-bearing structure fields various fill types are possible, such as: single and insulated panes, polycarbonate boards, elevation boards from composite materials and others. The thickness of the fill used may not exceed 48 mm. The fill is fixed by means of external aluminium pressure boards of different shapes. In the SL version the fill is fixed without visible pressure profiles (an effect of smooth glass surface). The fill fields that constitute the windowsill and lintel belts may be shaped. Opening elements (doors and windows) of any YAWAL system may be inserted into façade fields. High water- and wind-tightness parameters are provided by the use of EPDM gaskets. The installation of a curtain wall structure in a building takes place with the use of special aluminium control panels.


1. Air permeability

AE 1200 - PN-EN 12152:2004

2. Water-tightness

RE 1200 - PN-EN 12154:2004

3. Profile load-bearing

Profile load-bearing was checked for the pressure of 1800 Pa

4. The thermal permeating coefficient for profiles

Uf = 1.2 - 1.3 W/m2K - PN-EN 10077-2:2005

5. Acoustic insulation

Rw = 38-53 dB - PN-EN ISO 717-1:1999

Requirements: the product norm PN-EN 13830:2005 

Profile width: 50 mm
Bar length: 7000 mm 
Alloy: EN-AW 6060 T6 (AIMgSi0.05 T6)
Gaskets: EPDM 



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